San Francisco living in containers and NorCal tents: The housing mania is causing people to pay high prices for what amounts to camping.

I wanted to continue in the vein of high housing costs in Northern California because the mania is so out of control. People are funny creatures. Everyone wants a piece of their own cave and some are willing to pay every penny of disposable income to live in a certain zip code. That is until, the mania fades out. I saw a lot of this during the first tech boom in the late 1990s. We are in deep and frothy territory here and valuations are out of control for many tech firms.

Get Out Now? Imagining the Dangers of Los Angeles

Los Angeles lacks the kind of warning label you see on other consumer products that might tip over, gag your baby, or leave you with painful lacerations. Perhaps those illuminated Caltrans signs along the freeway should be reprogrammed to read, "Get out now! While you still can!"

If it's not wildfires, then it's tornadoes, floods, sharks, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

As Mike Davis took pains to point out in "Ecology of Fear," where we live is barely fit for human habitation.

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